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Demond Johnson

Demond Johnson


Phone: 972.802.6712

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13 Boys Plano

By Xtreme 01/03/2023, 9:45am CST

Academy Registration

If you are not registered as a North Texas Academy Player please click on Link Below. 

Plano Youth Soccer Association!

Cost: $20 Player

Need: Copy of Birth Certificate to upload.


League Spring 2023

Pit Plano League

Elite League Starts - February 18th , 2023
Most games will be played at the pit in Plano.

7v7 League: $725 / Ref Fees $19 Game / 6-8 Games

9v9 League: $900 / Ref Fees $55 Game / 6-8 games



$110 for practice kits.

We are doing Practice kits  so that in July when the 2013 teams go select all they need to purchase will be the main Uniforms.