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Xtreme Futsal

Xtreme Futsal

The Futsal league is not a part of Our Training for Performance Module. The commitment and ability to allow our players the rare opportunity to Practice in an organized session while enjoying the fast pace game of Futsal is why this exciting and great game has been a awesome tool for our Development as a team and Individual player. 

The Texas Xtreme uses the game and structure of Futsal to help develop our athletes. We do not train for Futsal league games or to become a great Futsal player. We use the elements of Futsal to help improve our foundation for success as an individual and team.

  • Technical foundations ( Skills )
  • Speed of Play
  • composer under pressure
  • Finishing ( Goals )
  • Combination Play
  • 1v1 & 2v2 development 


It's Time To Play

World Class Futsal