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Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

By Xtreme, 07/31/17, 8:15AM CDT


Off- Campus PE program

Grapevine - Colleyville ISD


Grapevine-Colleyville ISD offers an Off-Campus PE program that allows students who participate in competitive athletics outside of school to earn towards their PE requirement.  The student may substitute and either another academic class or be excused from from school (either first or last period).  Students who are in OCPE my try out for district athletic teams.  If the student earns a spot on the team, they will be allow to practice with the team either before or after school until the beginning of the next semester when they are eligible to transfer into athletics and out of P.E.  During the interim period, the student will still be required to meet the requirements of the off-campus PE activity


Coach/Trainer Responsibilities:

Approve Training Log and assign grade within 5 days after the 6 weeks grading period.  I created this file based on the requirements listed in the “Guideline for Trainers and Coaches” which is attached.   The player and/or parents will be responsible for keeping up with this log and turning it in to your Coach.   The Coach  will be required to assign a grade and approve the form.  The player is responsible for turning in to school’s off-campus PE coordinator.

Complete the GCISD Fitness Gram - this must be turned in to Campus Coordinator no later than March 31 of each year. More unsolicited advice: I’d do this early in the year and give to student and make them responsible for turning in to the school’s off-campus PE coordinator


Player/Parent Responsibilities:

  • Complete the Application for PE substitution for Middle and High School and turn in to school’s off-campus PE coordinator
  • Maintain training log and have coach/trainer approve and assign grade within 5 days of 6 week grading period.  Submit form to school’s off-campus PE coordinator 
  • Turn in the GCISD Fitness Gram by March 31 of each year to the school’s off-campus PE coordinator 

Scott Lambert

Thank You to Scott Lambert for the following Information.

OCPE Link - Grapevine Colleyville

The Link to the program!

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