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XTREME ‘08 Boys White

By Xtreme, 04/12/19, 6:45AM CDT


‘08 Boys White 2019

Texas Xtreme ‘08 Boys White

The Texas Xtreme Futbol Club is excited to announce open practices for the Texas Xtreme ‘08 Boys White. The Xtreme ‘08 will be coached by Kevin Leonard and begin open training sessions Tuesday April 16th from 6-7pm. All players need a practice release from their current team in order to participate in the sessions during April. 

Open Practice 

Starting May 6th all players are able to attend open practices without a release from their current coach or team. 

If a player is not currently on a competitive roster or has a practice release from their current coach , he may attend an open Practice beginning April 16th 2019.


We currently have 5-7 players who are interested in building this team for Official Tryouts in July 2019. These players have played with each other for several years and are currently coming off playing in the Classic league. 

Open Practice Dates

We will continue to add sessions weekly beginning the week of April 16th 2019.

Please check out the team page for updates and feel free to contact either Kevin or Candy for more information.

Open Practice

Tuesday April 16, 2019


Location: Colleyville 

Regular Schedule

We will update the practice schedule soon!!

Kevin Leonard

Kevin Leonard


Phone: 469.235.7325


Candy James