The Academy is a developmental program for young soccer players who are interested in competing at the highest level possible in the future. The Academy program provides a bridge between recreational soccer and competitive soccer by providing guidance, education and professional instruction to each and every player.

Academy Goals

Enhance each Player's personal growth

Texas Xtreme stands to provide a positive learning environment for players to develop to their full potential. While encouraging technical soccer excellence, we place players within a challenging environment based on the guiding principle of developing the whole person. All skills are tested at varying degrees in accordance with age specific training.

Players are regarded as individuals and are encouraged to maintain a positive self-image through a healthy competitive spirit.

Our training programs are designed to enhance each player’s personal growth. This will enable our players to prepare for the many challenges that life has to offer. As a result, we aim to develop quality soccer players as well as well-balanced, motivated individuals who are fully equipped to deal with the challenges of modern life.

2021 / 2022 Calendar Year

Age / Year Birth Year Game
U10 ( '12 ) '2012 7V7
U9 ( '13 ) '2013 7V7
U8 ( '14 ) '2014 4V4
U7 ( '15 ) '2015 4V4
U6 ( '16 ) '2016 4V4
U5 ( '17 ) '2017 4V4
U4 ( '18 ) '2018 4V4

Academy Structure 2016

Age Game Goalkeeper Roster Size
U10 7V7 Yes 10-14
U9 7V7 Yes 10-14
U8 4V4 No 8
U7 4V4 No 8
U6 4V4 No 8
U5 4V4 No 8
U4 4V4 No 8